Ensuring secure, fast and easy access

The challenge to network security is immense. Today’s businesses face a challenge unlike anything we have ever seen before with regard to securing information in the enterprise environment. The goal is to get the right information to the right person anytime, anywhere, on any device. This need for on-demand information has increased the need for securing your company’s most valuable asset- its data.

Security software and related products are among the fastest growing segments of IT spending. With the increase in business disruption on the Internet and stories of hackers in the news, we are left wondering if our computer networks and information are secure and safe from prying eyes.

According to the Computer Crime and Security Survey, by the Computer Security Institute (CSI) and the FBI:

  • 56% of those surveyed detected unauthorized system penetration from the outside; up from 25% in previous years
  • 95% of respondent’s reported website defacement
  • Virus attacks continue to be the source of greatest financial losses.

Information Week estimates:

  • 66% of companies have experienced viruses, worms, or Trojan Horses
  • 15% have experienced “Denial of Service” attacks
  • Security breaches will cost businesses more than $1.4 trillion worldwide

Is your network up to the challenge?

Providing network security and securely extending applications to external users involves both initial configuration and ongoing maintenance. Dynamic Solutions Group meets the challenge of ensuring your technologies for computing and information assets are secure, fast and easy to interface with.

Network Security requires a framework composed of:

  • Security Process (procedures, guidelines)
  • Technology (hardware, software, networks)
  • People (culture, knowledge)

Dynamic Solutions Group understands that focusing on only one part of this puzzle will cause your technology security solution to fail.

Security Process:

The process of securing your network and information is an ongoing process. Each day, new vulnerabilities and potential hacker threats are discovered. The time between discovering these threats and the time it takes hackers to use these threats to exploit your network is decreasing. Hackers are getting smarter and taking advantage of exploits more rapidly. What this means to you is that the risk to your network is increasing everyday. At Dynamic Solutions Group we are constantly adapting to ensure your computer networks are secure. New security procedures and guidelines are continually being put in to place to help protect your systems from new computer security threats.


As new hardware and software solutions come to market, the old technology is often pushed aside and forgotten. Outdated hardware and software technology can be a hacker’s best friend. Over time, vendors offer less and less support for aging hardware and software and eventually stop supporting it altogether. When this happens, new exploits are often left un patched, allowing your networks to be compromised. Modern networks are only as strong as their weakest links. At Dynamic Solutions Group, we will assess your network security and recommend a complete security solution that is expandable and adaptable, allowing it to face both the security threats of today and the security threats of tomorrow.


The final piece of true security is your employees. Dynamic Solutions Group believes that educating its customers about network security is a large part of true network security. We work with your employees to educate them on the best practices for keeping your network secure.